Telepathic Twins

Teaching Children about Telepathy


Telepathic TWINS

Meet Jack and Lily, telepathic twins with an extraordinary secret! From the time they were young, the twins could hear each other's thoughts, sharing a special connection that no one else could understand. As they grew up, they realized their unique gift was more than just a sibling bond – it was telepathy!

As they learn to control their newfound ability, they embark on a mission to teach their friends the art of mind-to-mind communication. This captivating children's book proves that the mind is a powerful tool for connection.

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What readers are saying about TELEPATHIC TWINS

“Here’s a children’s book that will peak the imagination of both parent and child.It’s a story about the fascinating connection that twins have. Their ability to read each other’s minds without speaking. More than that , this ability can be learned. Children love the idea of magical superpowers. And could make a fun game of it. Mom and child or siblings can practice reading each other’s mind using numbers or colors”

Kelly B.

"Telepathic Twins" a charming children's book, weaves a delightful narrative that introduces young readers to the enchanting world of telepathy. Written with a perfect blend of whimsy and wonder by a talented author, the story follows a group of endearing characters who discover their extraordinary ability to communicate through thought. What truly sets this book apart are its stunning illustrations, each a masterpiece that brings the telepathic adventures to life in vivid detail. "Telepathic Twins" not only entertains but also encourages the exploration of imagination, friendship, and the limitless possibilities of the mind.

Mark White


As a child I played a game called “ESP” with my sister where we had to send a color to someone else . My sister and I got them all right , so we were convinced that telepathy existed. I can no longer find this book but I have been convinced since then that this is a skil that should be taught to children.

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